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Are you or your employer dealing with a serious MCO fraud accusation or similar investigation? A managed care organization (MCO) is a health care company or a health plan that is focused on managed care as a model to limit costs, while keeping quality of care high. If you have received a demand for repayment, request for records, or notice of an MCO audit or investigation, a timely response and carefully crafted defense strategy is critical to minimizing your liability. MCO fraud investigations can be costly and time-consuming—the best way to navigate such claims is with an experienced and dedicated managed care defense lawyer on your side. 

Lavender Hoffman Emery, LLC is a defense firm experienced in defensing clients in MCO and other claims. Our managed care lawyers are here for you.

We are prepared to help providers in MCO networks facing:

  • Demands for refunds of MCO overpayment
  • Denials of claims
  • Investigations by MCO Special Investigative Units
  • Pre-payment or post-payment audits and reviews
  • Requests or demands for documentation related to contested claims
  • Requirements for practices to implement a Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

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